Thursday, August 28, 2008


There are some coffee shops in America that sell cups of coffee not too much smaller than this one. 

However! That's actually part of our sign, which was designed (or the logo was, anyways) by the illustrious Katie Sholler, a true patriot. Also, if you feel, like some people, that I look older nowadays than I did, oh, a month ago or so, it might be best to keep that to yourself. 

I thought I'd post a picture so you'll know it when you see it on the street. 

In other news, Mark told me that today he took a taxi and told them to go to the Red Park Café, and they knew exactly what he was talking about. Took him straight there. 


evan said...

Drew, that looks awesome! Sounds like there is a nice buzz going around before opening. How long before you serve the first cup?

Erin said...

Whoooooah... SOMEbody's sensitive!

I meant, you look smarter.

And dude, you have to frame your first dollar. Or yuan. Or whatever.