Saturday, August 9, 2008

Kodak Moments with Mark

Here are two conversations that Mark and I had a few days ago:

Me : Let's order a pot of tea.

Mark : But you like red tea. I like green tea. You say tomato, I say tomahto. Let's call it off.

Me : Okay. Forget it. 

And that night, walking home from the bus stop:

Mark : You know, you really are handsome. Especially at night.

Me (laughing) : Ahhh. You mean in the mooooonlight?

Mark : No. I mean in the dark. 


bdstairs said...

Hey Drew
How ya doing?
I am planning on teaching in China starting this fall.
Floods told me you have been hanging out in China for awhile.
what is your contact info.
Ben Stairs

my e-mail is

Justin said...


But if you call the whole thing off then you must part!

Did Mark intent for the second one to be a joke? If so, he is a master.

drew said...

Ben! I just wrote you an e-mail.

And Justin! He absolutely did! Not only was it an awesome burn, but he totally set me up for it and I didn't even see it coming.