Friday, August 8, 2008

Renovation Pt. 1

So. To be honest, at times this renovation has come pretty close to driving me (not to mention my contractor) crazy. Twice I've caught the workers rushing through a job and doing it poorly, and we've had several communication issues about what exactly I want him to do with the different things I'm having him build. It doesn't help that I don't have enough time to dedicate just to being at the space and making sure everything's going smoothly according to plan.

At times I worry the end result will be terrible, and at times I think that it's going to be the best coffee shop that ever was. Right now I figure it'll probably lie somewhere in between. And I'm excited. 

Regardless! You can see here what the construction looked like a few days ago.


Nathan Dicks said...

Dude, you're doing the same thing I do at my job-- get on to contractors for not doing their jobs!

drew said...

Haha, and believe me, I'm enjoying this rare glimpse into the life and work of Nathanael Dicks.