Friday, September 26, 2008

Sofas ahoy!

The title of this post looks vaguely like something from a different language.

But! We got our sofas in today, and I thought I'd post the pictures. This first one is mainly to let you see the art we're going to be using along that wall upstairs. That couch isn't going to be there--under the art will be four tables with chairs.

And then, here you can see the two sides, and then the overall view of the couch area by the window. This part is basically finished--it should look the same when we open.

We went with dark brown and light yellow for the couches, which match the dark wood trim/brown ceiling and the light yellow floor. We also got a few small red pillows for accents.


Rob said...

wow that looks so awesome

Liz said...

Looks amazing, Drew!

So, when are you coming to Denver to re-decorate the Rand house?? :-)

a kucsera said...

it looks wonderful! good job!

Justin said...

Drew, please continue to rock.

I have this urge to go over there with a piano, set it up in the corner, and play "as time goes by" every evening at close.

drew said...

Haha, okay.

Liz! With artists like you and Jeromie there, I seriously doubt it needs re-decoration.

Rob and Aileen! Thank you, very much.

Rob, we should talk soon.

And Aileen, I was glad to see you posting a decent amount again lately--things sound lovely. Also, we should be couchsurfing friends.

Justin? Were you aware that there is just such a corner that is empty with nothing to fill it? I doubt a piano could fit there, but a keyboard... We could definitely do a keyboard. Think about it. Of all the coffee shops in all the towns in all the world, you could walk into mine.

Mickey said...

Drew. I need updates.