Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Running #1

Okay. So. I have been running sometimes.

This week, I ran on Sunday for about 3 miles, and did the same run today (Wednesday). Unfortunately, I was having problems getting my Nike+ thing calibrated.

But I figured out the problem. So all the runs from today on should be correct, and you'll be able to see my last five runs at the right to make sure I'm keeping up with things. Especially as busy as I've been lately (yesterday I worked an 11-hour day), I want to make sure that I find time to get some exercise to keep my energy level up.


Juli said...

Running is awesome! Way to go!

Michael said...

I think its awesome that you're running. Is that a weird thing to do there? Is there a noticeable increase in the amount of staring people do?

And I always thought the nike+ thing was awesome, but seeing it posted on the blog makes it sound even more incredible. nice work.

Justin said...

Have you noticed a significant increase in energy level since you started running? I'm getting pretty exhausted around 2:00 every weekday and I've been wondering if increasing my current exercise regiment (which includes walking from my car to my office and back) might help.

Amy said...

that's super cool. do you have it with an ipod? keep up the running and maybe we can do a half marathon together in china!

drew said...

Juli! Thank you! And I will totally catch you on Skype this week. If you'd like, we can set up a time to 'meet,' as it were.

Michael, It is totally a weird thing to do here if you are not in the police or the military. I get even more stares than normal, if that's even possible. But then, it's not even very normal to wear shorts, so that may be part of it as well.

Also, the Nike+ thing is awesome, but you have to make sure that it's properly secured on your shoe for it to give accurate results--I have to use the shoe pouch under my laces for it to work right. I didn't realize that it's not just counting the number of times the foot strikes the pavement, but it's an accelerometer that also measures how long your foot is on the ground to try and more accurately calculate the distance run. It's impressively accurate, but when it's not secured it kind of bounces around and for me it was saying I was only running half of what I was actually running.

Justin, I know exactly what you're talking about. I'll say that I always feel awesome the day after a run. My legs are sore, but I feel more alert, not as groggy come mid-day. I'd highly recommend at least doubling your current car-office cycle.

And Amy! I like using a shuffle when I run and didn't really want to purchase a Nano that I would never otherwise use, so I went with the Nike+ Sportband, which I like better and which I use as a watch when I'm not running. I love it. And we can totally do a half-marathon in the blistering cold when you come. Remember to bring your running tights!