Monday, June 11, 2007

A Day Alone, Pt. 3

Right now I've moved to a hotel in this same city. It's a horrible little place with no air conditioning, but I realized too late that I didn't bring enough money, and there's nowhere I can get more until tomorrow. Tonight I'm eating fried rice in a cheap hole-in-the-wall restaurant and hoping that it'll tide me over until tomorrow. I'd like to go back to that kafeiguan later, but that would leave me with 2 kuai--barely enough to buy a bottle of water.

(And later.)

I wrote down the name of the coffee shop I was in earlier and am in now--Oasis coffee Beautiful family: Graceful & Cosy Greenland Coffee Island. At night, though, the dive bar feel is lost--all the lamps are lit, there are Christmas lights and nice music, and the place overall lives up to the word "cosy." It's empty except for me.

I just went for a walk and decided to write down some of the things I saw. I'll post them here for your benefit:

  • A toy poodle with its ears dyed pink.
  • A girl trying to describe something to a friend, making a sound like a train.
  • Construction workers wearing wicker helmets.
  • Three 15-year-old boys in dress pants and no shirts drinking beer at a table.
  • Three men on motorcycles wearing construction helmets.
  • Someone who yelled "Hello!" to me and gestured with his hand at an entranceway covered with a dirty towel.
  • Girls practicing a dance in front of a school gate.
  • An open door covered with a picture of Santa Claus, through which I could see a dark, narrow stairwell up.

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