Tuesday, April 1, 2008

It's sort of been awhile. I make no apologies!

So. Instead of waiting and making some massive post about EVERYTHING that's been going on, I'm going to put a few random pictures on here to try and sum up the past few months. But this doesn't mean that my time was divided evenly between the actions present in the pictures, or I would've spent about a month just eating Holethings. Which doesn't sound like a bad idea, but sadly wasn't a possibility.

One might think that a Holething would be something like a donut hole, but One would be wrong. In fact, it is a donut on a plastic stick. Note that Valentine's Day Holethings are available, next to the normal Holethings that you've come to know and love.

This speaks for itself. I think with this kind of name, you're not exactly giving your business the chance it deserves. It doesn't exactly bode well. Anyways, when we went to this place Michael paid probably a little too much to get "Sandwiched," wherein the cooks get to throw sandwiches at you for about a half hour. But I guess it was a pretty interesting cultural experience.

Would've been nice if I wasn't brutally ill basically the whole time I was on vacation.

This mall really, really felt like America. But a little bit cooler than America. And at the moment, significantly hotter than America.

And... back. I wish my apartment wasn't always this messy. But, as the Rolling Stones song "You Can't Always Get What You Want" wisely says, you can't always get what you want.

And now I'm running out of batteries on my laptop. But! You guys should know, I've begun the process of starting the coffee shop. As soon as we find an actual location (cross your fingers), we're on.


Justin said...

Wait, so was the mall cool or hot? I'm confused. I feel like the dad in a poptarts commercial.

origamianimals said...

Dude, why isn't there a picture of a certain clock?

Erin said...

Drew, spend five dollars and get some curtains! It will improve your quality of life!

I swear, sometimes you can be such a vegetarian.

drew said...

I will address these in order.

1. I... don't think I know what poptarts commercial you're talking about? But! The temperature of the mall was hot, as it was an outside mall in a tropical climate. The atmosphere of the mall, decorations, etc., were cool.


3. What? Curtains are expensive! I actually have curtains already, but not great ones, and I'm too lazy to buy the clips I need and hang them.

Justin said...

Wow, listen to the women getting all excited about curtains.