Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Big Chill

So, at this point, writing this as my heat is on and sunlight is pouring through my window, it's hard to even think to write about just how cold it was Before. Before my heat turned on on November first, that is.

I guess I'll let pictures tell it for me.

This is pretty normal night-time attire. Fur boots, long underwear, jeans, shirt, sweater, fur vest, coat, scarf, fur hat. Well, sometimes not the hat. But I wore all that more than you'd think.

Wait--you thought this post was about things Before. So why the pictures of snow?

Well, it actually snowed the night before my heat turned on. Awesome. This is part of the truly beautiful view from my window.

This is another part of the view out my window. You couldn't really see it in the other picture, but this mosque dominates the view here from my desk. It's really delightful just to stare out over the city--it's really a beautiful place.

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Haley Shaw said...

i was going to comment on your other posts... but then i saw that other people already posted comments on them, so i said "pass"... outloud in the library because i am currently sans computer, if you will. (will you?)

all of this to say:

sweet. hat.